Thursday, June 18, 2009

To quote Oscar Wilde

I can resist anything but temptation.

On the way home from work tonight the blackboard outside the Gourmet Ice Cream Company had "Lemon curd ice cream" scrawled on it. This is how they let you know they're testing a new flavour, or have made a batch of an irregular one.


has joined


in the ice cream freezer. Which lives in the garage, keeping out of temptation's way.

What's so terrible about those, you ask?


1 kcal, or Cal*, = 4.2 kJ. So one "serving" of this stuff is nearly half of my daily calorie intake. Admittedly the Lemon Curd and Brandy Snap flavours have ever so slightly fewer calories in them than this Christmas Pudding one, but it's still very very fattening.

*1 calorie is actually one thousandth of a dietary Calorie. A dietary Calorie is therefore a kilocalorie. The abbreviation for calorie is "cal"; for kilocalorie is "kcal"; and for dietary Calorie (note the capital "C") is "Cal" (capital "C" again). Cal and kcal are interchangeable.

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