Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fake roast veges

Being a fairly thrifty person in many ways (although not so much when it comes to shoes), it goes against the grain to heat the oven up just to roast a few veges. These parsnip and kabocha slices …

… were first simmered until nearly cooked, then fried in oil to give a browned crispy outside. They really do taste pretty much like roast veges.

I ground some of this "Heatwave" spice mix over the kabocha when it was cooling down:

There are several spice mixes in the range; some sweet and some savoury. They're made in South Africa and are pretty much a European equivalent of furikake I suppose. Except freshly ground. Because they come in grinders. And I'm a big fan - although I may well fill them with my own mixtures when they run out.

I have some of the roast veges in today's lunch, along with more tonkatsu and laksa custard, and a little cup of cooked tomato, zucchini and onion with some of my massive brie melted on top.

parsnip = 83 Cal
kabocha = 60 Cal
laksa custard = 100 Cal
40 g tonkatsu = 87 Cal
broccoli = 15 Cal
carrot = 15 Cal
zucchini etc = 50 Cal

Total = 410 Cal

Flat shoes today. Very old boots, in fact. They're really comfy, but the soles have nearly worn through. I'm going to have to decide whether to get them resoled or throw them out.

And I'm wearing two pairs of tights; red fishnets over thick black plain ones. I bought the red fishnets in Harrods (tights were the only things in that shop that seemed a reasonable price) when I was in England in 2000, and they've been sitting in their packet ever since. So of course, as I was leaving the house this morning I caught them on my bag and holed them. A visit to a microscopy lab at work produced some clear nail varnish for repairs though, and once that was dry I (almost) invisibly darned the wee hole with some red thread from my office sewing kit. Yes, I do have a very well-appointed office.

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