Monday, June 8, 2009

Laksa custard

The only new thing in todays lunch is the laksa custard sitting by the cauliflower salad. It was an experiment, and a very successful one. Scrummy!

I had 10 frozen prawns taking up space, some frozen iceblocks of laksa soup (i.e. laksa minus the solid bits), and a few bits and pieces of vegetable in the fridge. I arranged one or two prawns in each of 6 silicon cupcake cases, then a few snips of snow peas, some bits of fried mushroom and a piece of my massive cheese purchase from Friday. I defrosted 4 blocks of the laksa soup and beat it with two eggs. After dividing this between the cases I baked them at 150˚C until they were set.

laksa custard = 100 Cal
dumplings = 160 Cal
cauliflower salad = ~200 Cal
lentil salad = 150 Cal
broccoli = 15 Cal

Total = 625 Cal

Oh dear, that's not going to help remove the wee bit of weight I gained in the last couple of weeks.

And I screwed up today's shoes! I forgot to check whether I'd worn them before during my "wear a different pair of shoes to work until they've all been worn" project.

And I have. The new stripey tights are cool though.

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