Monday, February 16, 2009

Decisions …

I'm trying to decide whether or not to continue with this blog now that Maki's challenge has finished. I think I will for the moment, as I do find it an incentive to eat well, and not to eat the licorice allsorts in the cupboard.

I didn't lose any weight this week, which I was sort of expecting. Too many cherries and apricots! But again, I didn't get any heavier so that's good.

I had to use a different furoshiki tie today, with two knots on top, because …

… I'm having a Salade Niçoise (sort of). I figured I could put the olives and tomatoes and tuna and eggs etc. in one container with the vinaigrette, and the lettuce in another to keep it crisp. The stack was a bit high for my usual basic tie.

Then I put it all together in my nice oversized office salad bowl. It was OK but would have been a great deal nicer with oil packed unflavoured tuna than it was with the low calorie lime and cracked pepper tuna which was what I had in the cupboard. The lime flavour almost overpowered the anchovies! I didn't have any black olives either, so I used the pimento-stuffed green ones.

egg = 88 Cal
tomatoes = 15 Cal
tuna = 79 Cal (that's probably why it wasn't very nice)
70 g potato = 68 Cal
olives = 20 Cal
anchovies = 10 Cal
beans = 10 Cal
balsamic vinaigrette = 30 Cal
lettuce = 5 Cal
herbs etc = not worth counting

Total = 320 Cal

I think I could have afforded some oil packed tuna! Even if it added another 100 Cal it would have been OK. Then again, I've been eating more of the cherries and apricots this morning, so maybe just as well it is such a low calorie bento.

Went for a walk to the fish shop before lunch, and bought some sea salmon, some river salmon, and some tuna. I'm going to try making Maki's salted salmon; goodness knows what I'll do with the tuna. Something delicious to put in my lunches anyway. I'm interested to see what the difference is between the two salmon types though, I'll have to try cooking a wee taste of each.

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  1. Have you found posting about your bento meals to be helpful?

    If you do/did but don't want to continue the blog you could consider joining Bento Lunches

    Either way - good luck going forward!!