Friday, February 6, 2009

Week 4, day 5. On holiday.

No work today (Waitangi Day), so no bento either. I can show some of my lunch though - I ate nectarines from my tree:

I'm very proud of this tree, it grows in a pot on my deck, and is not more than 4 feet high. This year it produced an alarming number of nectarines - most of which have been eaten.

I spent the day reorganising my shoes, wondering what to make out of some cool tartan fabric I bought, and and hemming furoshiki. There are three New Zealand themed furoshiki; one with tuis and pohutukawa, one with Happy Hens, and one with giant wetas, snails, and lizards. One furoshiki has celtic initials in gold and white on black, and four of them have fruit or vegetable patterns - a little more appropriate for wrapping your lunch in than giant wetas. I made a couple of bento belts out of black elastic, with bits of fabric appliquéd over the seam. I need to find some coloured elastic though - the oranges wouldn't look right on black.

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