Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Salmon and treasure eggs

Yesterday I bought some fresh water and sea salmon to compare. I cooked a morsel of each last night - and I can't tell the difference! Might as well just buy what's cheapest.

So I've cooked the fresh water salmon in a dry frying pan, and am turning the sea salmon (of which I bought two pieces) into some of Maki's salted salmon and some salmon tartare, which is similar but with sugar and lemon zest in addition to the salt.

Today I have a piece of fresh water salmon, an "Egg in a Treasure Bag", some broccoli, some chargrilled zucchini, a couple of tomatoes, and barley for my carb. The barley is seasoned with salt and lemon juice. It actually looks not bad for a change!

60g salmon = 140 Cal
100g barley = 107 Cal
treasure egg = ~120 Cal
zucchini = 15 Cal
broccoli = 15 Cal
tomatoes = 6 Cal

Total = 403 Cal

Pretty good, and very tasty.

My walk today took me through the Botanic Gardens again. It's lovely having this wee stream (actually it's Dunedin's river; the Water of Leith) just five minutes from work …

… although I can actually see a more groomed portion of it from my office window.

It must be getting on towards autumn, look at this crocus:

This is the Winter Garden where they grow tropical plants:

It is a lovely day - the air has a bit of a chill about it, but the sun is toasty warm.

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