Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Meatloaf and spinach

Today I have more tomato/zucchini/onion stuff; some meatloaf; bulghur with bought salmon furikake (I don't think I like it very much); a capsicum and onion cooked to death thing; and some of Maki's blanched spinach. I have the same recipe in a book at home which says to sprinkle on some toasted sesame seeds, so I did. I'm not so sure I like these too much either actually, they're not nasty or anything, but there are things I like better than cold spinach. I put a little of the seaweed from yesterday in the bulghur too.

100 g meatloaf = ~150 Cal
100 g bulghur = 87 Cal
capsicum and onion = ~40 Cal
tomato and zucchini = 50 Cal
spinach = 15 Cal (mostly from the sesame seeds)
furikake and seaweed = 5 Cal

Total = 347 Cal

Not too bad.

On today's walk I went to the nearer supermarket again, to buy chickens and mince so I can take a monster bento with me when I go away at the weekend. When I say monster bento, I'm talking 3 days' food, and there will be blokes there too. Old fashioned ones who would never dream of taking food.

On my way I went past the Farmers' Market promo stall where I bought blackberries yesterday. This time I took photos:

Most of the students, however, had other sorts of refreshment on their minds…

… it's Cook-a-thon day. They were queueing up when I was going to work this morning, and there's still an enormous line waiting to get in to "The Cook" I'm not exactly sure what the Cook-a-thon entails (other than a lot of drinking) because it is a new event since I was a student. They all seem to go in sets - there'll be 5 girls in indentical nighties (as in the end of the queue below), or 4 supermen, or 10 people all dressed in orange and yellow tie dye. It may be a requirement, or it may just be a tradition. And there must be some sort of reduction in the price of alcohol, or it wouldn't be so popular.

It's just as well we don't have laws about public drunkenness, because they all seem to get pretty tanked up at home before they even get to the pub and afterwards there will be bodies in the gutters. Oh well, you're only young once.


  1. Hi Bronwyn. Was just wondering if I could use your cookathon pics for my blog. Living in Japan and can't find any pics on sites apart from google. Please let me know. Cheers. Awesome work by the way.

    1. Yes sure, go for it. Unfortunately there will be no more Cookathons. The Cook is now an empty building, sometimes used as a pop-up shop. Very sad, but I went for a last beer on its last day.