Friday, February 13, 2009

Week 5, day 5. The End of the Challenge.

Look what turned up yesterday - 2 kg (4.5 lb) of cherries …

… and 2 kg of apricots:

The first fruit delivery of the year from the orchard that supplies us. I think I ate a kg of cherries yesterday, they are gorgeous. And they go mouldy quite quickly so they have to be eaten. I don't think I'll be losing any weight this week somehow.

Today's lunch is exactly the same as yesterdays, minus the tomato. The veges are hiding under the sausage and meatballs.

I now have a bit more space in my freezer, and a pile of empty plastic containers so I can fill it up again.

Bulghur = 96 Cal
carrot mix = 70 Cal
50 g sausage = 130 Cal
meatballs and sauce = 100 Cal
mushrooms = 20 Cal

Total = 416 Cal

Today's furoshiki is the one I made from fabric with creepy-crawlies on it. I photographed it lying flat so you can see them properly:

I suppose some people may prefer to wrap their food in something different.


  1. Those are the nicest creepy crawlies I have ever seen. How do you make these? Just a simple rolled hem or another method?

  2. I mitre the corners; iron the folds in before sewing, and go for it. Zoom zoom with the machine. I'm a lazy sewer and very rarely pin or baste. I was going to put a how-to on the Just Bento forum this weekend actually - bought some pink material (with black bits, so I can use the black thread I'm using for a dress) today specially. And a couple of different ways to do matching belts.

  3. I JUST finished reading the tutorial!!!

    It is BRILLIANT and so very well done!!!

    Thanks so much for the time and effort!