Friday, February 20, 2009

Laksa-ish noodles

A couple of weeks ago I poached a chicken and carrot roll, and froze the stock/fish sauce/sugar etc it was poached in for some future use. This is because I'm stingy and hate throwing stuff away. Anyway, the other night I thought of a use for it - laksa. I made the soupy component from the stock, some coconut milk, red curry paste, and a bit more fish sauce etc., and froze it in ice cube trays.

Today I had experiment lunch - I was wondering if I could fit sufficient of all the laksa ingredients into my bowl bento box to make a proper laksa. Here they are; the noodles, bean sprouts and chopped tea egg (because I had one in the fridge) in the bottom bowl; and 5 ice-cubes worth of soup, a chopped crab stick, and four prawns in the sealable inner box:

It's pretty good, that inner box, no spills or leaks.

The answer is, no not really. I can't fit enough of the soup into the middle box for a proper laksa. But it is quite sufficient for a laksa-ish noodle curry, and very delicious it was too. Just as well really, because five ice cubes worth of soup is 120 Cal. If I could fit more than that, I would; then I'd be getting fatter instead of thinner.

Here it is all heated up and in my big office bowl:

soup = 120 Cal
noodles (1/6 pack) = 167 Cal
egg = 88 Cal
crab stick (30 g) = 32 Cal
prawns (40 g) = 40 Cal
bean sprouts = 10 Cal

Total = 457 Cal

If I had the amount of soup necessary for proper laksa, it would have been getting on for 600 Cal. That will have to be a now and again treat, and I need some other box in which to transport it! A pity, because I like that wee bowl box.


  1. That looks Really really good. is that a round stacking bento box?

  2. Thank-you!

    Yes, it's a round Hakoya one. It doesn't hold very much though.