Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rhubarb tart for the pot-luck

Last night I went out to a pot-luck dinner. These are reasonably regular events at the (very large old) home of one of the guys from bridge; we play bridge after dinner.

I decided to triple my usual bread bake, and also make a rhubarb tart from the rhubarb in the garden. One of my slimming ploys is to make a single baguette once a week, out of one cup of flour. This satisfies my bread craving without allowing me to eat too many bread and butter calories. I do love bread.

So here are the two loaves of bread I took to Alec's:

And here is my poor rhubarb plant after I cut off most of its stalks:

There's still enough left to photosynthesise, so it'll be fine. Probably be as big as ever by next week.

Usually I'd make this sort of tart just on an oven tray, but I had to transport it so I thought better safe than sorry and put it in a flan dish. It's just some sweet short pastry whizzed up in the food processor with rhubarb and sugar piled onto it and the edges folded over.

Just as well I used the dish - there was a reasonable amount of juice leakage. Here it is ready to go:

It was an interesting dinner - only one couple brought a main, everyone else brought dessert! I actually have no problem with that once in a while, but we whipped up some sausages from Alec's freezer. The main course ended up consisting of bangers and mash; Thai chicken curry and rice; and bread on the side. The only bit of green came from the coriander in the curry. Luckily there was a lot of curry, enough even for leftovers.

In addition to the rhubarb tart there was pear and blackberry crumble, a lemon and sour cream cake, another crumble sort of thing, two flavours of ice-cream, and some yoghurt. Rather fattening - my scales tell me I gained a kilogram overnight.

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