Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eating the dumplings (a couple of them)

Today's lunch has a few new things - one of each of the dumpling shapes I made last night, and a buttercup squash thing and some carrot and parsnip chips I made the night before. There is also some spinach, some tomato/zucchini/onion stuff, and some capsicum and onion cooked to death stuff, which are the same as I had yesterday.

70 g weight of dumplings - not much fat so I'm guessing = 160 Cal?
carrot and parsnip = 40 Cal?
pumpkin thing = 60 Cal?
spinach = 12 Cal
tomato etc = 60 Cal
capsicum etc = ~40 Cal

Total = 372 Cal, but there's a good bit of guesswork involved in that calculation. As far as I could work out from the figures on the dumpling wrapper packet, each wrapper should be either 5 or 10 Cal. I'm calculating the dumplings as the calories in an equal weight of pork mince, plus a bit. If anything that should be on the high side as there is a lot of shrimp and onion in them and they are lower in calories than pork by a long way.

My walk to the farther supermarket today took me past this ingenious piece of fence decoration:

Yes, those are beer cans (Dunedin's own Speight's) impaled on the fence palings. The students are definitely back - so of course the weather has improved too.

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