Thursday, February 5, 2009

Week 4, day 4.

The only interesting thing about today's lunch is where I ate it. It is so beautiful today, not too hot, but lovely and sunny, that I decided to take my lunch with me on my walk and eat it in the Botanic Gardens.

These are the "Professorial Houses"; houses that were built for the first professors at the University of Otago. I love them, and wish they were still available for living in. Unfortunately they are offices now.

This is the view from the first steep bit of walk up to the Rhododendron Dell (my work is a block to the left of that long orange roof):

The rhododendrons finished flowering a couple of months ago, but it is still a lovely walk:

I found a nice old park bench in some shade just by the Central Dell …

… so I sat there to eat my lunch looking out into the sunny garden:

My lunch is another of the Thai steamed curries, more dry vegetable curry and quinoa, some tomatoes, a gherkin (still emptying fridge jars), some feta, and some of the dried tofu/carrot/cabbage kinpira I made last night. I think I actually quite like the tofu; it takes a bit of getting used to, but it's OK.

Thai steamed curry = 100 Cal
vege curry & quinoa = 200 Cal
tofu/carrot/cabbage kinpira = 50 Cal? at a rough guess.
2 cherry tomatoes = 6 Cal
gherkin = 17 Cal
25 g feta = 75 Cal

Total = 448 Cal

Then I went on my merry way, down the hill to the more populated bit of the Gardens and to the supermarket to get salt and rolled oats. And came away with two grocery bags of stuff! I have to get out of that habit.

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