Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tea egg and turnips

Today I have barley again - I really like barley, there's something about the chewiness of it that is very satisfying. I also have smoked chicken, chargrilled zucchini, carrots that were cooked with yesterday's treasure eggs, a tea egg, and a couple of baby turnips.

100g barley = 107 Cal
50g skinless smoked chicken = 70 Cal
tea egg = 88 Cal
zucchini = 15 Cal
carrot = 10 Cal
turnips = 10 Cal

Total = 300 Cal

Hmmm. A good thing I have some little snacks in the office.

On my walk to the closer supermarket today I took this photo of a Dunedin landmark; "The Cook" has been a major student pub for many years, and is the venue for "The Cook-a-thon" a day-long fancy dress drinking binge that happens during orientation (soon). The Cook has been painted over the summer break, and is now black, and is sporting some weird sort of squidy/octopussy thing in its doorway and a large and very drunken looking Captain Cook on its corner. Captain Cook looks to me as though he's about to pee in his pint - I wonder if that's intentional.

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