Monday, February 9, 2009

Week 5, day 1.

Yay me, I lost 900 g (~2 lb) this week. That's been 2.7 kg in 4 weeks so far; pretty good - let's hope I can keep it up.

Today's photos are a bit blurry, sorry about that. I used my new strawberry furoshiki to wrap my lunch …

… which consists of brown rice (testing Maki's pressure cooker technique, very good it was too) with wasabi furikake (bought), mussels, the last gherkin, some of the chicken I made last week and froze, tomatoes, slices of lotus rootlet, sushi ginger, capers, and runner beans - which you can't see because they're under the chicken and tomatoes.

brown rice = 180 Cal
mussels = 50 Cal
gherkin = 17 Cal
3 cherry tomatoes = 9 Cal
100 g chicken stuffed with carrots = 160 Cal
1/2 cup beans = 25 Cal
1 tsp capers = 4 Cal
1 tsp pickled ginger = 5 Cal
lotus rootlet = 4 Cal

Total = 454 Cal

That's less than I was expecting. And I walked uptown today to buy some lining fabric and tape so I can finish the two dresses I made on Saturday. That's about a half hour walk.

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