Thursday, February 19, 2009


Today I have a little bit of barley, tuna, potato slices, a treasure bag egg, broccoli, and little turnips. The tuna was marinated in garlic, lemon juice and oil, then rubbed in a little paprika and cayenne and seared on each side before being sliced. I brought a slice of lemon to squeeze on it too. I'd really like to know why broccoli that is nice and bright green when I put it in my box ends up sort of browny in parts and ugly by lunchtime!

50 g barley = 54 Cal
40 g potato = 35 Cal
60 g tuna = 60 Cal
treasure egg = ~120 Cal
broccoli = 15 Cal
turnips = 15 Cal

Total = 299 Cal

That is a bit extreme. I'd better have something a bit more substantial tomorrow. Mind you, I'm going out for dinner (a pot-luck) on Saturday, so will no doubt overeat then.

I didn't want to go to a shop today - I don't need anything and I'd just buy something unnecessary if I did. Instead I went for a walk around the back of the university, through Logan Park playing fields. On my way I attempted to get a half decent photo of our building for the department website. Some hope. Our building is an ugly 60s thing to start with, and is obscured by trees and taller buildings when looking at it from the only angle at which it might look OK. At least this photo has a bit of grass, and the wall of the groomed portion of the Water of Leith. There is actually water at the bottom of that bit of concrete in the foreground.

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