Monday, February 2, 2009

Week 4, day 1.

Maki's challenge for week four is making bentos for other people. A bit difficult for me; my son and granddaughters live in another country. I live by myself, apart from the cats, and I think they'd wonder what had happened to me if I started making bentos for them! I shall just have to continue with what I've been doing so far, and make "thought bentos" for the little girls.

Well, last Tuesday's free fatty dinner did me no good at all - I weighed the same this morning that I did last Monday. Oh well, at least I didn't put any on.

Today I am having the vegetable curry I made yesterday with quinoa (rather flattened), and some tomatoes, shrimp curry stir fry, a bit of feta, and some zucchini and mushrooms.

vegetable curry and quinoa = 200 Cal
35 g shrimp stir fry = 50 Cal
zucchini and mushroom = 8 Cal
4 cherry tomatoes = 12 Cal
25 g feta = 75 Cal

Total = 345 Cal.

And I went for a walk to the far away supermarket before lunch today.

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