Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sausage, bulghur, and seaweed.

I forgot to say yesterday that despite all of the desserts on Saturday night, I still managed to lose 500g (a little over a pound) last week. So I'm happy. It'll be a different story this week though - I'm off to Christchurch for the weekend to go to some motorcycle races, and will be drinking beer and eating lots of fattening food.

Today I have 70 g of a home-made paprika sausage from the freezer (I've almost finished all of the fruits of a little sausage-making spree I had a couple of months ago); beans from the garden; some tomato, zucchini, and onion stuff I made for dinner last night; bulghur; and some asparagus spears from the freezer.

After eating the asparagus I also mixed a little of this …

… into the bulghur. It's a Korean crispy flavoured seaweed, and very yummy. There's quite a lot of fat in it though, so it needs to be eaten in moderation.

7o g sausage = 180 Cal
beans = 15 Cal
100 g Bulghur = 83 Cal
asparagus = 15 Cal
zucchini etc = 25 Cal
5 g flavoured seaweed = 25 Cal

Total = 343 Cal

Pretty good. I do enjoy doing these calculations - I always do them after I've eaten the food; a little game I play with myself. One day I'll get a big fright, I know it.

I went to the nearer supermarket today, to get veges mostly. On the way I went through the area outside the Student Union - it's Orientation Week, and luckily I was a bit early because later on it will be packed.

There was every sort of stall - from the fundamentalist Christians trying to save a few souls, through the Armed Forces and the local gyms trying to recruit bodies, to all of the banks, trying to lure future customers with free food and cheap loans.

And the obligatory beer stall:

I took this photo of a roll of loo paper sitting on a paper recycling bin - interesting name for loo paper, but why was it sitting there?

What I didn't take a photo of was the fruit and bakery stall, from the weekly Farmers' Market. I bought some blackberries, but managed not to get anything else. I kept reminding myself that my lunch was waiting at work, and I have another fruit delivery due on Thursday. It was hard work though, some of those pastries and bread were very tempting.

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