Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Week 5, day 2.

I don't know what's happened to me recently, all my photos are coming out blurry. Is it the old-age shakes, or have I changed a setting on my camera I wonder?

I'm using my new orange furoshiki today, to match …

… my orange balloon bento box. I have 3 pieces of nigiri sushi, a small capsicum in slices, half a Thai green curry flavoured sausage (homemade from the freezer, I'm trying to clear out a bit of freezer space), pickled onion (another fridge jar emptying project), cherry tomatoes, and a devilled egg. I haven't had a devilled egg for years; I had a sudden yen for one so I made a couple, being very frugal with the fat-laden yolk-moistening ingredients. The little plastic mayo containers hold miso and some dehydrated seaweed & spring onion stuff to put in the soup. I've also tucked a few fancy carrot cutouts in the gaps. I was testing out some little cookie cutters I bought.

1 egg plus 2 g butter = 105 Cal
1/4 cup of rice (raw measure) = 179 Cal
3 prawns = ~ 20 Cal
small capsicum = 15 Cal
miso (1 heaped tsp) = 18 Cal
50 g sausage = 130 Cal
pickled onion = 10 Cal
tomatoes = 12 Cal
carrots, nori etc = ~ 5 Cal

Total = 495

That's getting up towards the maximum I want to eat at lunchtime - but I knew it would happen, it's the sausage. I have more of it to eat over the next few days too. Longer walks may be the answer, but then the sushi rice is all gone now too, so maybe if I have bulghur as my carb things will settle down.

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