Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Week 5, day 3.

I have discovered that photos are a lot less blurry when you have the focus set to "auto" rather than "manual" and are expecting the camera to focus itself! I forgot I'd changed it.

Another new furoshiki today - the ornate capital letters one:

And inside it there is one of my Hakoya boxes with bulghur, half a sausage, beans, the other devilled egg from yesterday, and some of the carrot and capsicum vege mix I made last night.

Bulghur = 96 Cal
carrot mix = 70 Cal
50 g sausage = 130 Cal
egg = 100 Cal
beans = 27 Cal

Total = 423 Cal

A bit better than yesterday. Not such a long walk today though. I went into town and bought a 700ml thermal lunch box from Kathmandu (an outdoor wilderness sort of shop). As well as keeping lunches warm, I think it'll be good for making yoghurt.

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