Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Week 1, day 2.

Today's lunch is very similar to yesterday's, but it's healthier because I've eaten the leftover poppers, and am having smoked chicken for my protein today. The workmates have also eaten my Christmas cake, so that's out of the way.
Oh, and just for a change, today's capsicum is yellow.

150 g smoked chicken breast = 188 Cal
3 big leaves lettuce = 7 Cal
5 cherry tomatoes = 15 Cal
1/2 sm capsicum = 18 Cal
1 spring onion = 15 Cal
2 Tbsp dried fruit = 90 Cal
1 Tbsp "lite & free" dressing = 39 Cal

Total = 372 Cal.

That's pretty good, I can eat something more than a small portion of saag panir and a bowl of porridge tonight.

I'm contemplating planning a week's lunches at a time, but think it's probably not for me. My exercise régime consists of regular walks to the shops (with detours to take in hills), and my lunch ingredients often consist of what is on special in the short-dated bin at the supermarket. I plan a couple of days ahead and that will do I think.

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