Friday, January 16, 2009

Week 1, day 4

Another stinking hot muggy day here. Salad again today.

50 g smoked chicken = 54 Cal
1 hard boiled egg = 78 Cal
4 big leaves lettuce = 10 Cal
5 cherry tomatoes = 15 Cal
1/2 sm capsicum = 18 Cal
1 spring onion = 15 Cal
2 Tbsp dried fruit = 90 Cal
1 Tbsp Lite Thousand Island dressing = 28 Cal

Total = 308 Cal

That's not much is it? I might have to have a snack later on.

Went for a random 40 min walk today, up the hill by the chemist's shop, and then up some steps I found and ended up 45 metres higher than I started. I've only lived and/or worked in this area for 24 years and didn't know those steps existed - goes to show how much walking I don't do.

On my way back down the hill, by a different route, I took these photos - the first is a reasonably common sight in this university area; an abandoned, unfinished, bottle of alcoholic beverage (usually beer though) on someone's gatepost:

and this one is of my all time favourite old Dunedin house of normal family-size proportions:

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