Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lunch in the office 13th Jan

Here is my lunch. First I cut up the vegetable bits and added a small handful of dried fruit:

I heated the popper and tonkatsu in the sandwich press:

I mixed the salad stuff up with a little dressing:

Then cut up the fattening stuff and added it. Yum.

Now I need to calculate the calorific value! I'll look things up in CalorieKing (and the USA CalorieKing for the popper):

60g cooked pork = 180 Cal
crumbs and fat on pork (subtracted veal steak from crumbed veal steak) = 142 Cal
poppers (from Pizza Hut, 2 of them - mine will be better) = 140 Cal
3 big leaves lettuce = 7 Cal
5 cherry tomatoes = 15 Cal
1/2 sm capsicum = 18 Cal
2 spring onions = 30 Cal
2 Tbsp dried fruit = 90 Cal
1 Tbsp "lite & free" dressing = 39 Cal

Total = 651 Cal.

I should be eating 1200 Cal per day to lose weight at a healthy rate, or 1500 to maintain my current weight (I had my metabolic rate measured as part of a study at the university where I work, and it's very low), so this is not TOO bad, but will be a lot better when I've managed to get rid of the fattening leftovers from when I had visitors at the weekend. It'll also be better when I manage to get my workmates to eat all of the:

so I don't get tempted to snack.

So far today I've eaten one piece of Christmas cake and my lunch. I went for a walk to the supermarket before I had lunch - that's about a 20 min walk.

I weighed 71.5 kg yesterday morning. I want to lose at least 6 kg before I go to visit my granddaughters (and their parents) at the end of April, and would be delighted (but probably too wrinkly) if I could lose 10 kg this year.

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