Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Week 2, day 3.

Today's furoshiki is black with little white polka dots:

And the bento box is a cheap one I bought in Auckland at Christmas. It says "the life that bounced" around one of the balloons. Lunch is some of the Korean Barbecued Beef I made on Saturday, coleslaw, cherry tomatoes, a couple of artichoke hearts, some of the roast vege salad I made last night, and one of the "would be a quiche if it had pastry" things. I must think of a proper name for those. Mini frittata?

coleslaw = 82 Cal
tomatoes = 15 Cal
mini frittata = 90 Cal
beef = 130 Cal
artichoke hearts = 9 Cal
roast veges = ~40 Cal

Total = ~ 366 Cal

I went for a walk to the further away supermarket, through the Botanic Gardens. The ducks were out in force:

The construction fencing has finally been removed from the fountain in front of the willow behind the knot garden:

And the roses, although past their best, were lovely.

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