Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A bit more prep; "things that would be quiches…" & roast vege salad.

I was feeling a bit miserable after having to get Timothy put down today, so I thought I'd do some cooking to cheer myself up.

I made six "things that would be quiches if they had pastry", and some roast vege salad.

I blanched some broccoli:

and stir fried some mushrooms and onion:

layered it in silicon cupcake cases with a couple of little cubes of feta in each:

Then apportioned two beaten eggs between the six cases and baked them at 170˚C for about 15 mins, until they were set:

Then I sprinkled a little smoked paprika on them.

Because I hate the thought of heating up the oven for only one thing, I then used the dish I'd baked the cases in to roast some cubed kumara (New Zealand sweet potato - with purple skin and quite dry, pale flesh), and added zucchini and onion for the last 10 minutes of cooking:

I added a cube of frozen pesto (just one of these, a green one) …

… then tossed it around when it had melted.

I had some with my dinner, and will have some cold for bentos too.

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