Friday, January 23, 2009

Week 2, day 5.

Breakfast every day this week. Yay me.

This furoshiki has kiwis all over it. The quilting shop has quite a few New Zealand themed fabrics. I must get some of the pohutukawa fabric, it's lovely.

The other day I bought a 250g packet of what claimed to be frozen whitebait. I knew it wasn't what we Kiwis call whitebait because it was only $6.95, but I thought it was worth a taste. I made some fritters last night, and included some in today's bento. It was OK, but nowhere near as good as proper whitebait. There is also a mini frittata, a few bits of feta, some coleslaw, two chilli marinated mussels, some bean sprouts, and five cherry tomatoes. I put a bit of Thousand Island on the fritters - which goes to show how much it was not like whitebait.

coleslaw = 82 Cal
mini frittata = 90 Cal
fritters = 100 Cal
mussels = 30 Cal maybe?
tomatoes = 15 Cal
feta = 75 Cal
bean sprouts = ~15 Cal?
dressing = 20 Cal

Total = 427 Cal

That's pretty good, but it has to be because I didn't go for a proper walk today.

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