Thursday, January 22, 2009

Week 2, day 4.

This is the fourth day in a row I've had breakfast, so doing well with this week's goals.

Today's furoshiki is a pretty green pattern …

and is a necessity, because the pastel green bento box doesn't have a belt.
I have a mini frittata, some roast vege salad, 50g of shrimps, a cheese-filled belle pepper, two artichoke heart quarters, some coleslaw, and a few bean sprouts. I also put a bit of lite Thousand Island dressing on the shrimps.

coleslaw = 82 Cal
mini frittata = 90 Cal
shrimps = 50 Cal
artichoke hearts = 9 Cal
roast veges = ~40 Cal
pepper = 15 Cal
bean sprouts = ~15 Cal?
dressing = 20 Cal

Total = 321 Cal

Not very much. I can have a snack later on. I went for quite a long walk too - looking for shoes and bags. Buying shoes and a bag. Nothing fancy though.

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