Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Week 2, day 2.

It hasn't been a very good day today. I have just been at the vet's, holding Timothy cat while he was euthanased, if that is the right word. He was very sick, but I've had him for 14 years so it was a bit traumatic.

Today's bento is wrapped in a cheerful red furoshiki. I've made quite a few of these out of "fat quarters", at least I think that's what they're called - 50x50 cm squares of fabric from the quilting shop. They add another layer of security between the runny contents of your bento box and your bag.

The bento box is another of my favourite Hakoya ones, holding 530 ml. The lunch itself is coleslaw, a hard boiled egg (one day I'll make a "cute bento" using egg halves for the eyes), a cheese-stuffed belle pepper, some left-over potato salad, and some of the Thai-flavoured beef I made at the weekend:

coleslaw = ~82 Cal
egg = 88 Cal
beef = ~128 Cal
potatoes = 67 Cal
aoli = 40 Cal
tomato = 3 Cal
feta = 50 Cal
pepper = 15 Cal

Total =~473 Cal

Not too bad, but I'm not going for a walk today - I spent my lunch spare time at the vet's.

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  1. My heart goes out to you - I know how hard that decision is to make, but you did the right thing for your kitty.