Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday before week 2.

No excuse for not doing the laundry today. An absolutely glorious Otago Harbour morning.

And then the rain came, and thunder. Friday it was 30˚C and I was far too hot, last night I took a hot water bottle to bed. This is why New Zealanders and the English talk about the weather.

I prepared tomorrow's noodle salad bento; capsicum, cashews, cut up the poached chicken, rehydrated the glass noodles and put them in a dressing of garlic, lime, sugar, fish sauce, and ginger to soak and absorb the flavours, but will have to add the coriander and bean sprouts tomorrow. I might even buy a pot of coriander plants from the supermarket to keep at work. It wilts awfully fast once it's cut and I do love it.

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