Saturday, January 17, 2009

Preparation for week 2; Korean Barbecued Beef & Thai-style beef.

I bought an enormous (1.2 kg) unsliced hunk of scotch fillet (aka rib-eye) steak (on special but not short dated) from the supermarket yesterday. I thought I'd better do something with it today, especially as the weather has broken and it is raining outside. Damn, can't do the laundry.

I'm in the process of making some kim chi for the first time, and saw a recipe for Korean barbecued beef that is supposed to go well with it; looked as though it would be nice cold in bentos; and would freeze OK. The recipe (from "The Essential Asian Cookbook", Murdock Books, 1997) required me to semi-freeze the meat so I could slice it thinly. I did this, but the very middle was still fairly soft, so I sliced the two outside ends into 15 thin slices,

and the middle bit into proper steaks.

Eddie cat was very interested and wouldn't stop trying to trip me up (no my dress is not that short, I had to pull it out of the way to get a shot of Eddie) ,

so I gave him the bag the meat came in:

and that kept him occupied for ages. I decided to freeze the proper steaks, and make half of the thin slices into the Korean Barbecued Beef and the other half into a Thai-ish sort of something I would make up. The Korean thing requires a marinade of ground toasted sesame seeds, soy sauce, spring onion, and garlic:

The other half of the thin slices I sliced again crosswise, making a heap of skinny strips, and marinated in a mixture of fish sauce, lime juice, sugar, pepper and garlic:

I'm now trying to make up my mind whether to aliquot and freeze the raw meat/marinade mixture, or whether to cook it first.

I've also taken a couple of chicken thighs out of the freezer to defrost. I'm going to make a Thai noodle salad tomorrow.

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