Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Week 3, day 3.

This week's goals are supposed to be thriftiness and trying to use more vegetarian protein, while keeping up with the weight loss. Last night I scored extremely well on the thriftiness scale, but failed miserably on weight loss; I went to a company presentation which included free food and drinks. Everything was either deep fried or encased in pastry! And delicious too, so I ate quite a lot.

Today's lunch has more of the roast vege & bulghur salad, a little poached chicken, a hard boiled egg, 3 of the small baked falafels I made at the weekend, some broccoli, three cherry tomatoes, and some gherkin and pickled jalapeños. Very similar to yesterday's in fact, but with falafels insted of mussels.

roast vege salad = 200 Cal
egg = 88 Cal
30g chicken = 53 Cal
gherkin = 17 Cal
broccoli = 5 Cal
3 cherry tomatoes = 9 Cal
jalapeños = 10 Cal
falafels = 60 Cal

Total = 442 Cal

I may go for a walk later on, but my car is in getting its biannual checkup and Warrant of Fitness so I walked from the mechanic's to work this morning, and will walk back to pick up the car later on. That's a good 30 minutes all up.

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