Monday, January 19, 2009

Week 2 day 1.

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself today, I weighed myself this morning and I was 70.8 kg, that's 700 g or 1.5 pounds lighter than last week. And I ate breakfast this morning too.

Here is today's cute wee bento box:

It only holds 400ml, but the lid becomes another bowl when turned upside down.

I have chicken, capsicum slices, toasted cashews, and bean sprouts in the non-leakproof bottom bowl, and glass noodles in the fish sauce/lime juice/garlic/ginger/sugar dressing in the leakproof-ish middle container. The little plastic pottle things contain miso and dried seaweed/onion/bread curl stuff to put in the miso soup I shall make in the lid/bowl:

It was a whole lot easier to put all the salad ingredients into a large bowl to mix and eat, so I did:

35g cashews = 194 Cal
75g chicken thigh, poached = 133 Cal
40g dry weight glass noodles = 150 Cal
coriander = nothing much
capsicum = 18 Cal
bean sprouts = 25 Cal maybe - they aren't very sprouted so quite dense.
dressing = maybe ~15 Cal - there's no oil in it.
miso soup = 30 Cal

Total = 535 Cal

That's quite a lot, but a lot of it is the cashews, and they're so delicious AND good for you. I'll have a virtuous dinner tonight.

Today's walk was to the closer supermarket, where I bought a pot of coriander plants to keep in the office and a cabbage with which to make salad.


  1. Thank-you. It's cute isn't it? It's one I ordered from Amazon in Japan, and had delivered to a Japanese friend's Mum, who forwarded it to him for me. Amazon Japan doesn't post bento boxes outside Japan, more's the pity.