Friday, January 30, 2009

Week 3, day 5.

Today is a good day; I've succeeded in all of Maki's goals for the week. I have a Middle Eastern themed bento, with vegetable protein in the form of falafel and hummus, a yoghurt tzatziki sort of sauce, carrot salad, tomatoes, and tabbouleh made with whole barley:

The hummus is heart shaped because I froze it in one of those silicon ice tray things - a batch of hummus is too much for me to eat at once. I put the little heart-shaped blocks of hummus into my bento still frozen.

barley, 1 cup = 194 Cal
carrots, 100g = 41 Cal
oil & lemon juice dressing = 33 Cal
falafels = 80 Cal
4 cherry tomatoes = 12 Cal
hummus = 50 Cal
tzatziki = 10 Cal?

Total = 420 Cal.

Not too bad at all. I bought some Cruskits at the supermarket today, I might have one of those as well - that will be another 21 Cal.

Today's lunch is wrapped in a furoshiki with paua on it - that is abalone to the rest of the world.